Skype Visits

I will offer more dates for the 2019-20 school year, starting in the fall

I have loved visiting with your students this year. It’s always a highlight! I offer FREE 20 minute Skype Q&A sessions for any classrooms or book groups reading any of my books. Check back in the fall to reserve a time slot. Until then, happy reading!


Tips for a great Skype Q&A: 

  • Read the FAQs posted on Liesl's website

  • Brainstorm lots of question you'd like to ask and pick about 15 of your favorites. (We may get through more, but 15 is pretty average.)

  • Test your tech. I'm sorry that I cannot offer to do a test Skype beforehand. I recommend you do a test Skype with someone else outside of your school at the same time of day we'll be doing our Skype Q&A. If you have any problems with audio or video, here's some tech support from Skype:

  • Some schools block Skype. If that's the case in your school I'm happy to use Google Hangouts or FaceTime.

  • Make sure I have your Skype ID or email connected to your account.

  • We understand things sometimes come up, and you may be unable to make our call. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have to cancel so we can offer the session to another group.