Today is the Why I Write Blogfest, sponsored by Kayleen Hamblin of Kayleen’s Creation Corner.


Why I write. There are many reasons and maybe not all of them are as noble and selfless as others, but they’re all reasons that have influenced my writing.

I write to make sense of things. Long before I decided I wanted to actually be an author, I wrote all the time, in journals mostly, but some creative writing too. I write to put down in words things I don’t understand about myself, other people, society, and the universe at large. I write to work out possible answers to my questions and problems. I have always needed words to express how I feel and when I find the names and words for my problems and feelings, then I’m more likely to find the answers.

I write to appease the voices in my head. That sounds schizophrenic, I know. And maybe some writers do have a mild case of schizophrenia, but whatever the reason, the voices are there, and sometimes they say some strange and interesting things. I’ve always lived in my head. I imagine bizarre scenarios all the time. It never occurred to me that this was a good thing, not until I decided I seriously wanted to write. But since I started writing, those voices have served me very well.

I write for a sense of accomplishment. I’m the type of personality that needs a steep challenge, a mountain to climb, a seemingly unreachable goal. Tell me I can’t do something and watch me do it. I’m kind of feisty that way. Writing is hard work. Sometimes it does feel impossible, but that’s what I love about it. It’s the hard that makes it good. When I overcome the obstacles, I get a rush. Best drug ever.

I write for hope. Writing is a hopeful thing for me. I hope that my words will be clear and powerful. I hope they will have meaning not just to me, but for many. I hope my stories will make people laugh and cry. I hope my writing will be a good thing in my life, not just for me, but for my family and all those I love. I write because I have hope that it makes me a better wife and mother, a better daughter, a better human being.

Why do you write?

And be sure to check out Kayleen’s blog, where she has a list of all those participating in the Why I Write Blogfest!


  1. I love it! I’m a needs a challenge person, too. I need something to keep me focused and still lets me be creative. Thanks for joining in today, Liesl!

  2. ^ Same here. Life can get tedious without a creative challenge.

  3. Writing is a wonderful way to explore our emotions and insecurities. I’m so glad to meet you through this blogfest. It’s fun meeting and learning about other writers. Thank you for sharing – I’m now following!

  4. Love “I write to appease the voices in my head” and your attitude about being feisty.

    And yes, writing things out does help them make sense for me, too.

    Glad to e-meet you through this blogfest!

    Writing in Flow

    • M Pax

    • June 29, 2011

    • 5:29 pm

    Wonderful reasons and voiced so well. Life is tedious without some fiction running in my head. Get that.

  5. Hope is on my reason list too! Great post!

    • cherie

    • June 29, 2011

    • 7:17 pm

    I love all your reasons! Thanks for sharing them 😉 And it’s nice to meet you through the blogfest.

    • jan

    • June 29, 2011

    • 7:19 pm

    You sound like a real go-getter! What a great positive attitude. Glad to have met you here.

  6. i’m enjoying hearing about what makes writers tick. and i also like hearing the author’s voice. you were honest and up front and positive =) great!

  7. Beautiful reasons, and I think there’s more than one person here who will agree about the schizophrenia…

  8. The voices in your head reminded me of my 5 year old grandson’s comment the other night. He was telling us about his “mind lists.” He is so verbal and hopefully one day will also be a great writer. He sure knows how to spin a yarn!

    • Kenon

    • June 29, 2011

    • 11:35 pm

    I love all of your reasons behind why you write. What I really admire is your reason of hope. That definitely pushed my feelings of admiration and care for writing from others as well as myself. Thank you for sharing your story, and I look forward to reading more from your blog.

    • Alana

    • June 30, 2011

    • 5:00 am

    All fabulous reasons to write! I was especially drawn to the voices in your head bit, not because I can relate personally (no story is fighting to get out; it just flows when I give it time but is otherwise mighty silent) but because I’m in the middle of reading The Thirteenth Tale and you almost perfectly encapsulate the feeling of one of the book’s characters who is an author.

    She speaks of the characters fighting for their story to be picked next until the end of her life, when there’s only one character whose story she has not told, and she is getting it out.

    Have you read it? Pretty interesting stuff.

    Anyhow, won’t answer the question, but will direct you over to my blog since I’m in the blogfest too – #12 on Kayeleen’s linky list! See you there. 🙂

    • Liesl

    • June 30, 2011

    • 1:13 pm

    Thanks for all the comments! I still slowly looking at everyone’s blogs and commenting, but this is so awesome!

    • Liesl

    • June 30, 2011

    • 1:39 pm

    Alana, I haven’t read The Thirteenth Tale, but have heard lots about it. Now maybe I should actually read it! Sounds like me!

    • MISH

    • June 30, 2011

    • 4:24 pm

    I think all of these reasons are great and valid ones ! Sounds like you are the positive , determined , won’t-take-no-for-an-answer type … a real go-getter who thrives on a challenge ! Happy writing !

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