My husband has been traveling this past year for work and the kids don’t like it that much. (Neither do I.) They miss him especially at bedtime when they want him to read to them. I want him to read to them too.

That’s why we love Readeo, a “book chat” site. Basically it’s video chat with a picture book on the screen, so the kids see and hear their dad reading to them in the corner but a picture book fills the main screen. My kids LOVE it! And we’ll appreciate when we move back to Chicago and all the grandparents are far away.

Readeo has a great library of picture books both familiar and unknown, and even a few beginning chapter books like “Mercy Watson” by Kate DiCamillo. (My 7-year-old loves those.) It’s been fun to read some books that we never would have discovered in a library or book store. I’ve even used Readeo to read to my kids at night when they’re tired of all the books on our shelves and just want to try something new. They even have links to buy the hard copies of books you’re reading, so I think this site is good exposure for picture book authors as well.

Down sides? Readeo does have a monthly fee, $10/month, but only one party needs to pay the fee and the other party can log in as guests for free. We had a few technical glitches at first with the video, I think because they don’t have it set-up quite as well for the Mac, but the customer service is superb and they helped us figure it out very quickly. Now it’s smooth sailing. They have a free 14-day trial so you can decide if you really like it or not.

All in all we really love Readeo and I think it’s well worth the price for more books and a little connection when Daddy is far away, or grandma and grandpa. I mean, isn’t this picture a good advertisement?*

*No one paid me or asked me to write this review. I just like Readeo, really.


  1. That is so cute 😀

    my husband had just over a year where he was gone for a week out of every month. It got old, but we survived it. I am glad we didn’t have kids when he was in the military because he was home less than half the time!

  2. Aw, so sweet! Sounds like a really great thing, thanks for sharing.

    • Anita

    • June 27, 2011

    • 8:01 pm

    HOw cool! Why didn’t they have this when my kiddos were eensy? And LOL on your disclaimer at the bottom. That’s adorable! Haha

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