I have reviews up with Deseret News for two new books! “Lost and Found” by Shaun Tan, whose art and stories are truly unique, deep, and beautiful. View the review here.

Also there’s a review and author interview for Lindsey Leavitt’s second book in the “Princess For Hire” series, “The Royal Treatment.” It was fun to include some quotes and personal info on Ms. Leavitt but because of word limits I couldn’t include everything I wanted to. (Darn those word limits.) But yay! Lindsey said I could post the entire interview on my blog, so that’s coming up.

Read that article/review here.

It’s going to be a busy week on Writer Ropes. Usually I don’t post more than once a week, but there’s just too much to share to hold off. So stay tuned for some awesome stuff this week including some exciting news about yours truly!


  1. Cool! Book reviews still make me nervous. I worry about what I post on goodreads and amazon, I still can’t imagine doing it for a newspaper…

    • Liesl

    • May 17, 2011

    • 12:15 am

    Jolene, I can’t say I haven’t had the same reservations, but my point-of-view is that I’m not there to say whether it’s good or bad, but who it’s for and why they would want to read it. Also I get to choose the books, so I don’t generally review something unless I know I’ll enjoy it somewhat. Rarely do I have to point out weakness, though there have been times when I’ve had to be more honest than brings me comfort.

    It’s probably not something I’ll do if I have a book published, but it’s been good experience for me.

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