I distinctly remember a point in my early writing life, when I had been doing all I could to not only hone my craft, but also learn about the publishing business. “The truth shall set you free,” always seemed true to me, but ironically, the more truth I learned about both writing as a craft and writing as a business the more entrapped and depressed I seemed to feel. Emotionally exhausting. Competitive. Impossible. Brutal. Unfair. These were words I saw over and over again as I learned about the business of publishing. I was beginning to thing that whole “ignorance is bliss” motto was really on to something.

Everyone seemed to only talk about how difficult it is to break into traditional publishing, and even more difficult to succeed as an author. It’s a bottleneck business, a brutal one, as all artistic businesses are. I remember feeling serious doubts, wondering if this was really something I wanted to get myself into, or was I just setting myself up for life-long disappointment?

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