Is there anyone who volunteers for something just so they can fall flat on their face? A clown maybe. The rest of us try to keep up appearances and steer clear the mud pies. Nevertheless, I don’t think there are many who haven’t gotten one or two right int the face.

Confession: I have a fear of failure.This fear is not always a bad thing. I hate failure so much that I do everything in my power to prevent the failure. With my writing I continue to learn about craft, study the market, and revise my work to death before submitting. I believe in being prepared (I’m sure I would have been an excellent boy scout,) and this has worked pretty well for me. My acceptance rate exceeds my rejections, but that is for fairly small publications.

Now I am working on a novel and it feels like I’ve jumped from a puddle into an unending ocean. There is so much to learn and the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. And the more I realize I don’t know the more I feel that my failure is inevitable.

Failure is inevitable. So what?

It’s been said “Better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all.” But what happens after the failure? Is that it? Your just supposed to be satisfied with the fact that you tried, just believe that you don’t have what it takes?

Let’s revise that statement. (I love revising!)Better to try and fail and try, try again than to stop with the fail. Or maybe we can just stick with “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” And again and again.

Watch the video below, and when you fail (because we all will at some point,) you can get back up and try again, in a different way of course, armed with a fresh lesson. Compliments of the ditch you just fell into.

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