Now that I am all grown up, I read grown up books. Sometimes. Every now and then. When I feel I must.

Honestly I still love, love, love children’s books. I devour them. Middle Grade, Young Adult, any genre (with a particular love for fantasy.) I don’t even hide it. Right when you walk into my house the first thing you will see is my wall of books. 90% of them are children’s books.

And the books I read over and over are…

I adore Ella Enchanted. I don’t think there is a Cinderella retelling that even comes close to Ella, and I’ve read just about all of them. If you have not read Ella you absolutely should.
Walk Two Moons is middle grade, (bordering on YA,) and it’s beautifully written. It really brings to the surface many of the feelings I experienced as a child; moving, making new friends, dealing with loss and change, chasing mysteries and coming up with all kinds of spooky answers for what we don’t understand. If you haven’t read it, you absolutely should.

Okay. Harry Potter is so popular it’s nearly a cliche, but truly I love Harry Potter. Azkaban is my favorite of the series but I like to read any or all of them in the fall. If you haven’t read them, you’re just weird. If I could bonk you on the head, I would.


  1. I long for a wall of books. . . Currently, they are just scattered through the house.

    And when I hear someone say that they couldn’t read Harry Potter because the movies ruined it for them, or that haven’t read it because they don’t think they will like them, it kind of makes me want to cry. And I have to hold myself back from rebuking them.

  2. Walk Two Moons…I love that book to pieces & beyond. It is a masterpiece. As well as the other 2 books listed!!

  3. PRISONER OF AZKABAN is my favorite Harry Potter book, too (along with THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE).

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