10. Come up with a character you love. -Paula Dansager-
Think what he or she wants most in the world and what is keeping her from getting it.

11. In writing, nothing is wasted by the paper. -Sid Fleischman-
Don’t be afraid to throw out and rewrite.

12. Keep a journal. 

13. “Make it shorter.” -Lin Oliver
You never read a book and think, “Oh, it was too short.” Tell your story in as few words as possible. Develop an efficiency of language.

14. Know yourself. 
Know what you’re good at. Everyone has different kinds of intelligence. What drives you? 

One comment

  1. I especially like tip #10, because that gave me some ideas. I didn’t really think of the plot/conflict in that way before, but that’s a good way to describe it. And just thinking of what’s keeping your character from getting what he/she wants could help writers come up with an interesting antagonist.

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