Sometimes I fantasize about meeting famous authors, dead and alive. It’s not necessarily about idolization or rubbing shoulders with the right people so much as curiosity about what kind of a person they really are. What kind of a person writes a story like that? What do they think of other writers and books today? Here are a few I wonder about:

Shakespeare: It’s not because he’s been hailed as the most famous, prolific, ingenious writer. It’s not. His nemesis called him an “upstart crow” and I’d just like Mr. Shakespeare’s thoughts on maybe some of the more popular writers today (who are often criticized by the literary community for their lack of talent and skill, but are nevertheless read by the masses.) Would he be a literary snob? What would he think of the Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet?

Charlotte and Emily Bronte: I loved Jane Eyre, but I’m not a fan of Wuthering Heights, so I’m really just curious to know if I would have similar feelings for the sisters, or maybe opposite, and what do they think of eachothers’ books? How would they feel about women in society today?

M.T. Anderson: He’s amazingly versatile. My introduction to him was Whales on Stilts, seriously wacky but loads of fun and amazingly it worked. I just have an itch to know a person who can get away with writing a story about whales getting on stilts so they can take over the world. And you were smoking…?

Who would you want to have lunch with?


  1. Dead author: Jane Austen

    Living authors: Suzanne Collins, Rick Bragg

  2. LM Montgomery, though she probably would find me lacking. Katherine Paterson because she is the epitome of class.


  3. Oh, and I’m adding Scott Westerfeld to the list, because I’d love to have a conversation with him about voice.

  4. Great question. Something to ponder.

    I have already had lunch with two fantastic authors. These were author luncheon events.

    One was with Diana Gabaldon, my favorite author, and the luncheon was great. Not one-to-one but still, it was great.

    Sarah Dunant – her luncheon was more intimate as there were fewer people in attendance. She was amazing with her passion about what she writes. I can still hear her voice and see her animation. I really liked meeting her.

    Who I would like to meet that I have not?

    Shusaku Endo – he wrote Silence. I loved his book and it is on my list of Must Reads. He is book is deep, there is a lot to it. I wonder what Edo is like, would I be able to keep up with his mind?

    Maggie Stiefvater – I really like her books. I also like reading her blog. I think she would be fun to chat with, way cool I think she is.

    Charlotte Bronte – I am with you. Jane Eyre ranks up there as one of my all time favorites. I am very curious about her, and the time she lived.

    That is enough for now. I am sure my list will grow.

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