Today I joined SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.) It’s been one of those things that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I follow a lot of their news and the blog that carries all the notes from their big conferences. It’s great stuff! I procrastinated mostly because I just hate paying fees- probably because I am so repulsed by all those editing and publishing scams that tell you to just pay a small fee upfront and they’ll make all your publishing dreams come true. (Don’t ever do that by the way.)

Today I bit the bullet, paid the fee, and I am now a published and listed member of SCBWI. Next thing you know I’ll be making class presentations!

I know your asking the question, how does this benefit you as a writer? Well hopefully I’ll be talking about it in the future. Much of the benefit is in my head. Kind of like this blog, it’s a declaration of my serious intentions for my work. Of course I don’t think that I’ll have success by virtue of being a member, but it provides a community. I’ll have access to news and information, conferences and events where I can learn and network with writers and others in the publishing field.

First local SCBWI event with me in attendance will be the the Fifth Annual Praire Writer’s Day. It sounds like it’s going to be great and I will certainly be reporting.

And I figured out a problem in my manuscript so it’s a good day!

One comment

    • JaxPop

    • September 30, 2009

    • 1:18 am

    Ropes & Hopes! Great writer blog name!

    I keep resisting the urge to join groups of any kind, though I’m sure I’m missing out somewhere. I went to 2 group meetings (sounds so AA) & was ..uhm .. scairt. There were some real wackos hangin’ out! Then they had these “guest speakers” all trying to sell things from book coaching to marketing, etc. When one old lady raised her hand & asked to buy a vowel … my head exploded, & I jumped out the nearest window. I hope you enjoy your writing experience & blogging. There are some really great people out here – also some whiners that will give you 98 reasons why you’ll never get anywhere. Just have fun. Your worst enemy can only be …. you.
    Thanks for visiting BTW. Dave

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