I had many ideas for today’s post but considering the day, nothing seemed to feel right. So I just wanted to say a few words about 9/11 and what it has meant to me.

I was in college at the time, walking through the business building when I saw on the monitor in bright red “America attacked.” It took me five minutes of staring at the screen to believe what was going on.

I’m still processing this tragedy. It does not make sense to me. I try so hard to see where other people are coming from, what motivates them, why they do the things they do, but this act I could not see from any sane point-of-view let alone rational. The hatred was overwhelming.

And I focused on that. It was easy to pour hatred towards other countries and religions, but eventually I had to look at myself and question my own soul. In what ways was I capable of being like those terrorists? I came to the conclusion that I would never physically hurt another human being, set off a bomb or crash a plane, killing innocent people,(breath a sigh of relief y’all,) but perhaps I have been standoffish, cold, or unkind to those with whom I do not share political, social, or religious views. Maybe I thought myself above them and in doing so I may have cheated myself of wonderful friendships that could broaden my understanding, enrich my life, and ultimately make me a better person.

After 9/11 there seemed to be a surge of peace and kindness in our society. People went out of their way to be generous, polite, to consider other’s needs before their own. 9/11 taught us about love in the face of hatred. It taught us the power of unity.

Some people disagree with my views, even some of my own family members. It’s not always simple, but we get past it and focus on our love and what we have in common. Because if there is one thing I’m certain of and have no shame in sharing, it is this:

“Charity never faileth” 1 Corinthians 13:8


  1. Lately, I’m kind of missing those few months that followed and the united front that our country put up.

  2. Liesl, I think you are a fabulous writer, and I think it’s great you started this blog. I look forward to reading!

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