So sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday, but I’m in the middle of moving across the country, so I have a good excuse, right?

Anyway, the winners of a query critique from me are Jeff Chen and Tiffany Tacket! So email me your queries and first pages (if you like, totally optional) and I will give you feedback by the end of the week. Can’t wait to read them! Email them to sendliesl(at)gmail(dot)com that LIESL L’s not I’s.

In the meantime, I’m driving from Salt Lake City to Chicago right now (yes, literally right now) and because moving is like a hurricane and requires major disaster control I will be out of the blogosphere for a bit. I hope to be absent no more than a week, but we’ll see how it all goes.

I will miss you all. Don’t forget me.


  1. Congratulations to the winners! And good luck with the move!! I hope it all goes well for you.

  2. We’ll miss you! Be safe and have fun. Chicago is BEAUTIFUL. I have some family that lives there. šŸ™‚

  3. We’ll be moving across the country now, too! Yay, us šŸ™‚
    I LOVE chicago, hope you love it too. Good luck!

    • ali

    • July 22, 2011

    • 4:13 pm

    Congrats to the winners! Hope you’re settling in and everything’s going great for ya, Liesl!

  4. Have a FABULOUS trip!!!

  5. I hope your move went well! That sounds like quite a bit of upheaval.

    So nice of you to do query critiques, too. Congrats to the winners!

  6. Just found your blog – love it and am a new follower! May you not overheat while you move.

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