Oh You
Other Shiny Idea
Sounding so scintillating
Lurking in the back of my imagination

You try so hard
Other Shiny Idea
To steal my attention
Away from Herbert

Herbert has been faithful
and kind and hardworking
We’ve stayed up late at night
We’ve fought and made up

You look and sound so wonderful
Other Shiny Idea
But I will not be caught in your snares
You will have to wait

You will have to be satisfied
With a few jots and tittles
Until my faithful Herbert is finished
And on his way out the door

Then we can stay up all night together
We can fight and make up
You tell me all your secrets
And I will write them down

And soon you too will have to fight
To keep my attention
From another
Other Shiny Idea


  1. This made me giggle a little. Because I am the queen of being lured away by Other Shiny Ideas.

  2. Herbert, Herbert, Herbert, Herbert!

  3. Shiny Ideas are always so tempting…

    Love this post!

  4. Thanks for your kind comment! I’m happy to know my girl gets a chance to meet the world…

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