I know it was about a month ago but here’s my group at WIFYR! I’m the one in the light pink shirt, and those are Red Vines in my hand. Couldn’t put ’em down- blessed Red Vines.

This class was amazing and Brandon Mull was so much fun. He’s a ten-year-old at heart, but he really knows his stuff.

I thought on of his most valuable assignments was for us to boil down our novels to one sentence and a short pitch paragraph. It’s pretty hard to do, but very important. Consider it your first marketing tool you can whip out wherever you go. If someone asks what your book is about, you give them the short pitch that makes them say, “Huh, that sounds interesting. I think I would like that.”

So now you’re probably wondering if I’ll share my pitch.

Nope. 🙂

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