Sub.jec.tive [suh b-jek-tiv] adjective

Pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual.

There are few businesses more subjective than that of publishing, (or any business heavily based on creativity.) Books are products that grow out of authors who are deeply individual with wides ranges of experiences and personal philosophy. The way we react to those books will largely depend upon our own.

With that in mind, there are a couple things we as writers can learn from this simple fact.

1. Write the kind of book you would enjoy reading, not the one you think everyone else will enjoy reading, because if you do that, no one will.

2. Come to terms with the fact that not everyone will love your book. It’s okay if it stings a little, but you’re going to have to get over it.

3. When reviewing other books, be sure to distinguish between criticism of actual quality from that of personal taste. Point out the type of audience that might enjoy the book more than you did. You will want others to do the same for you.

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