All things have a beginning. Buildings, cities, people. We all started life in this world with birth and we grew into…well someone interesting and intelligent hopefully. And so here is the birth of yet another blog. A blog about writing.

I have been serious about writing (with the intent to have readers and be published) for several years now, but I have been a closet writer, telling very few people of my aspirations, discretely going to events and conferences, sharing my writing with only my critique partners. I barely told my family when I got my first publication. So consider this my shout out to the world. I AM A WRITER AND I’M GOING TO BLOG ABOUT IT!

But this is not just to talk about the beginning of this blog but the beginning of writers.

Are writers born? Well, yes, in a sense. I don’t mean people are actually born writers (in fact I think very few are, and even if they are I believe they probably put more into their learning and craft than we care to believe,) but rather there comes a time when a person decides to be a writer. Ta da! You’ve arrived!


With our writing birth comes a few shockers, very similar to perhaps what an actual newborn baby goes through. You come into this world. You feel. You observe. You have something to say. You flail your arms and legs and open your mouth, yet despite all your efforts all that comes out is a wail from one end and a load of crap from the other. Don’t worry. Babies grow very quickly.

Soon a baby learns to control their head, sit up, crawl, walk, feed themselves and even one day put their crap in the toilet and flush it down. As writers we must recognize that we don’t automatically become good writers by declaring our desire to write. We have learning and developing to do, just like babies. In fact learning where to put your crap as a writer is a vital lesson.

Hopefully we’ve all learned to form complete sentences and at least know basic spelling and grammar (or rely on spellchecker.) This blog will focus on how we grow into storytellers, observers of truth, intelligent readers and critics of others’ work as well as our own. I’ll also try to post information and events relevant to writers.

So welcome! I hope you enjoy. First useful post coming soon.

p.s. I adore comments. They can be sincere, snarky or downright contraversial, but please keep it clean. I have a child who just learned to read and most of those four letter words are on a 1st grade reading level.

One comment

    • tayyba

    • August 29, 2009

    • 2:44 pm

    Cannot wait to read more of your observations on growing into a writer, Liesl. I’m at the exact same stage of my writerly formation as you are and this resonates deep down inside. Congratulations on your open declaration!

    Keep us updated on the progress of your novel. I’m finishing up my YA novel as well, and it has been an incredible experience bringing this thing to life. So I would love to read some shared experiences and insights.

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