My Unplugged Week was a bit of test in two areas. First, I wanted to know if I could actually do it- cut myself off from blogosphere. And I passed! I did not read a single blog in two weeks! (I snuck on FB only twice but for what I feel are legitimate reasons.)

Second test: I wanted to see how much writing time is sucked up via blogging and browsing on facebook. I have good news and bad news. The good news is I don’t waste as much writing time blogging and as I might have guessed, so I can continue blogging and reading without guilt. The bad news is I didn’t get a whole lot more done on my ms during my unplugged week. Part of that was probably due to Thanksgiving, which was awesome not to mention tasty.

The thing is I mostly read blogs or browse facebook when my baby is fussy and wants to be held, or when my kids are running around and need me every five minutes (therefore making it impossible to concentrate on any actual writing but easy to read a blog or two.) I probably kept the house a little cleaner though, that’s something to consider. But I only write when I know I have a solid hour or two to focus, which really only happens once or twice a day. All in all I maybe added fifteen minutes a day onto my writing time. Not a huge amount.

So I don’t need Blogaholics Anonymous. I can lay off if I really want to and I just proved it so don’t go telling me how much denial I’m in!

Coming up: My thoughts on critique groups and beta-readers.

GOOD NEWS side note: I’m in the Dec/Jan issue of Hopscotch for Girls! “That Takes the Cake” is on pg. 38. Check it out in your local library. It only took four years to get it in print! I have two other stories I sold to another mag that have been on file for nearly five years! This isn’t always typical. My first published story only took six months from the time I submitted to publication. I would say a year is average. For a novel the average is two years from contract to publication, (so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know firsthand!) A view into the speed of the publishing industry.

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  1. Congrats! That is amazing! I’ll have to go find that now. . .

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