Or maybe they swallowed me whole. I can’t decide. These four books are extremely different and I liked and disliked different things about them, but one thing they all had in common: I could not put them down, which equals serious lack of sleep. And my cooking might be a little off.


Delirium by Lauren Oliver. First in a trilogy. A dystopian society where love is a sickness, deleria nervosa, and they surgically remove it at the age of 18. This started off a little slow for me but patience is definitely a virtue here. I love Lauren Oliver’s style– gorgeous writing and a heart-pounding climax that left me stunned. It has a very similar feel to Matched by Allie Condie. Can’t wait for the second book.


Paranormalcy by Kirsten White. I’m a little tired of the cookie cutter paranormal romances, but Paranormalcy was such a refreshing read! Adorable, funny, and clean. It’s not particularly deep but I would recommend this to any teen.


Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakely Cartwright based on the screenplay by David Leslie Johnson. This was haunting. I loved the rich village setting and how beautifully they captured the social mentality. I particularly liked this book for the author’s skill in multiple points-of-view. The village had its own point-of-view, as if it were one character, and the way all points-of-view were woven together was complex yet simple at the same time. Occasionally I was thrown out of the story by some efforts to bring in dialogue from the original Grimm’s tale, a strange artistic choice I’m guessing, but the writing was so rich and beautiful I let that pass over me. I hope the movie is good!


The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams. A girl living in a polygamist cult is assigned to marry her 60-year-old uncle. I really did stay up all night reading this. It was not necessarily an enjoyable read but a heart-wrenching and important read. Carol Lynch Williams does an amazing job painting this society so that even though I thought it was insane, it was still believable. I’ve read some non-fiction that was very similar to this. It’s hard for me to swallow. I can’t imagine how difficult this book must have been to write.

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