It is an amazingly GREAT pleasure to announce that my dear friend and critique partner, Krista Van Dolzer, just signed with literary agent Kate Schafer Testerman of kt literary!

Everybody scream and jump up and down! I did!

I think many of you know Krista already, but if you don’t, she’s an author to watch, I’m telling you. Her middle-grade novel THE REGENERATED MAN AND ME gave me the chills the first time I read it. I could not put it down! When I finished reading I emailed her right away and said, “This is the one!” Actually I just checked. This is exactly what I said:

“I just finished reading and I can’t tell you how excited I am. If someone doesn’t pick this up I’m going to scream with anger!”

And I did scream with anger at a few rejections she shared with me, but luckily a couple agents saw the light, and very soon I hope to be announcing her book deal. Krista is now holding an awesome contest in celebration of her success, so hop on over to her blog!

Congratulations Krista! No one deserves this more than you!


  1. congrats to her

  2. I felt and feel the same way.

  3. Thanks for this, Liesl. Your enthusiasm and encouragement over the last few months have meant the world to me. I kept telling myself that if you and Myrna and Amy liked it, it couldn’t be all bad:)

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