Have you ever read advice about making your blog great and getting more readers? One of the things I often see is “Post every day,” or “Post regularly, at least once a week.” I struggle with this advice and finally changed it to something that works for me.

Post when you have something to say and you know how to say it.

I’ve always been somewhat guarded on my blog, and on the internet in general, but I’ve become even more-so since I got an agent and a publisher. You see, the internet scares me. It’s big, everlasting, all-knowing and all-seeing. It’s kind of like a god who never forgets nor forgives.

Sometimes I have thoughts that I think might be important or useful, but I hesitate, because I also worry that they are controversial or maybe offensive or at the very least off-putting. Maybe people will think my opinions are narrow minded, uneducated, or like I haven’t considered their point-of-view. Maybe I write some things expecting people to know where I’m coming from, and where I’m coming from puts a who new spin on my words, but they don’t know that.

For this reason I struggle with social media. I want to be involved and have a voice, and in all honesty I see it as something somewhat necessary, but sometimes I worry it might taint the things I really want to say; the thoughts and opinions I have no shame for. Those things I put into stories. I write them in my characters and worlds and work on them night and day for months and months. I have people read them and shred them and tell me to do it again, until we all feel it is just right. I said exactly what I wanted to say.

It takes a long time for me to get the words just right, (I don’t think I would make a very good journalist) and that’s what scares me so much about blogging and tweeting and the internet in general. We say things so quickly, before letting the words and thought stew in our minds, and people make very concrete judgements based on our very flippant words. We’re having conversations that anyone can view, and it might not be long before you’re ashamed or embarrassed of some of the things you said, but you can’t take them back.

That is why I don’t blog as often as some think I should. My words come slowly. I’m not a fast writer. I want to make sure that what I say it what I mean, and if that means I have to write a post once of month instead of once a day, I think it will serve us all better in the end.

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