Wow. The summer is almost over! Where did it go? I’ll tell you. It went to a move and ALA and writing another book! Or TWO! If this is the only place you get info on Liesl Shurtliff, then boy, are you out of the loop. Sorry. I’m going to be better.

  • RUMP was chosen as an Amazon Best Books of the Year (So Far)!
  • RUMP is going to be an audiobook! Coming January 2014 from Listening Library.
  • RUMP made People Magazine’s Best New Kids’ Books!
  • And, if you’re sick of RUMP (impossible, I know) we just announced that JACK and RED are on the way! Read all about it on Nerdy Book Club!

A good month of my summer was sucked away by my move, but in the midst of all that I had the opportunity to go to ALA, which was fantastic. I met so many people from my publisher, other authors, and of course lots of teachers and librarians. (I adore teachers and librarians!) Below is a brief photo recap, but first…

George Lucas got married in my front yard the same weekend as ALA. I was thinking maybe my move threw him off and my invitation got lost in the mail? Or perhaps he knew I was busy with other famous people. Oh well. Here are the remains of his wedding along my running trail. They built that giant structure just for the weekend.



Thursday night of ALA, The Class of 2k13 gathered at the Hilton Chicago to put together swag bags for our panel the next morning.


Here’s Tamera Wissinger (GONE FISHING), Lydia Kang (CONTROL), and Kelly (K.A.) Barson (45 POUNDS)


The Class of 2k13 ALA Panel hosted by Veronica Roth was a great success! For more picture and info, go to the 2k13 website. Here is my lovely table of librarians aka “Team Rump.” We played a trivia game and our strategy was to “come from behind”, but really we just stayed behind. It was so fun! I enjoyed chatting with these lovely people.


K.A. Barson, author of 45 POUNDS (More or Less). She had purple hair and I had purple glasses. We matched.


The Class of 2k13 out to dinner. Geoffrey Girard is looking mighty confident amidst the sea of females.


RUMP in the Random House Booth! I did a signing, but I forgot to take pictures because I was somewhat frazzled. Short story: I forgot the Saturday train schedule is different than the rest of the week, so I raced home and drove, which isn’t that bad except McCormick place is like a space station and I barely made it to the booth in time. Plus it was extremely humid, so my well-set hair had turned to mutilated cotton candy fluff. Quick up-do.  IMG_2368

Brandon Sanderson at the Random House cocktail party. We’re both BYU alum! I’m laughing here because he was so tall and I’m so short. I stood on my toes and he bent down, otherwise my head was in his armpit. Awkward.


Colby Sharp from Nerdy Book Club. I LOVE Nerdy! IMG_2378

I finally met Kirby Larson! I almost cried. She is so delightful and hilarious. IMG_2379

And that’s all! I’m going to do my best to be a little better about blogging in the future. My release + writing new books + my move have all kind of thrown me off balance, but I’m getting back on track and look forward to sharing some fun and interesting stuff more regularly!

P.S. My son went on a worm hunt and then left his treasures on my back doorstep. Perfect! I was thinking of making sludge for dinner. Makes you strong and wise. (Sorry if this grosses you out. I got a kick out of it.)


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    • Donna

    • August 8, 2013

    • 1:22 am

    Congratulations on your wonderful book. How fabulous it must feel. I am so happy for you.
    I wrote a very satisfying, snarky blog today. I got mad at Victoria Jackson who posted a mean post on her Facebook page.
    I would love for you to read it.

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