Dear Ms. Roth,

A few months ago I was determined that I would not read your book DIVERGENT. I had just read several YA dystopian novels and I was feeling tired of the genre. So in my mind your book was just a little late getting in the game.

But then you went and landed yourself #6 on the NYT Bestseller list, and there was all this buzz about your book and the awesomeness thereof.

So, knowing that I would have to read DIVERGENT in order to have intelligent conversations with other writers and publishing professionals, I bought it. But don’t get all pompous. I was still determined to not like it, never mind that it’s set in my beloved Chicago. I was ready to disregard it as just another dystopian YA, riding on the success of The Hunger Games. And I have to be honest, it is a lot like The Hunger Games.

But ROAR! Your book is so damn good I can’t put it down. I’m sleep deprived and my house is a mess and my kids are telling me they’re hungry. They also might be screaming that my toddler is playing with knives. Also the house could be on fire. I’m not really sure. I’ve kind of tuned it all out.

I haven’t finished your book, but I have this sick and twisted hope that the ending totally bombs so I can go back to my life and never read any of your other books. But somehow I just don’t think that’s going to happen.


Liesl Shurtliff

Update: I finished the book. The ending basically rocked. ROAR!


  1. great, now I’ve got to add another book to my to-read list 🙂

  2. ….this is why I like you.

  3. Yeah, good luck with your hopes for the ending. I know what you mean, though, I didn’t want to like Divergent either, but it’s amazing!

  4. Best post I have read in a long time!

  5. I added this on my “to read” list on Goodreads maybe three hours ago. Wish I had it right now. 🙂

    • Abby

    • August 10, 2011

    • 1:52 am

    LOL. Love this letter. It sounds so much like me when I get stuck in a great novel. The trouble is… I haven’t read this book yet, and apparently I will have to. Oh prepare ye toddler, the knives will be locked away good during my reading spell!

  6. Haha. Great fan mail! This one’s already on my TBR list. It may’ve just moved closer to the top, though.

  7. Yep – I’ve heard NOTHING but good on this one.

    It’s high on my pile.

  8. Welcome back to Chicago. At least the weather THIS week has been ideal.

    And congrats! I gave you an award.

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