1. Middle-grade is magical reading, even if there isn’t actual magic in the book.

2. It combines the innocence and profound wisdom of children.

3. It’s not dumbed down, just all the boring stuff is left out.

4. I can read it in a day or two, but it fills me more than a book three times as long.

5. I feel like a kid when I read it, in a good way.

6. I never have to worry about gratuitous sex scenes, or the f-word and usually not many four-letter-words, (though I can really appreciate a good “hell” or “damn” every now and then, especially if it’s from an ornery grandpa.)

7. Middle-grade books make me feel like the world is still a beautiful place.


  1. 2 and 7, absolutely!

  2. 8. Middle grade main characters are honest and beautiful in their prose; they don’t think they have to impress us with their large vocabularies or fancy sentence structures.

  3. I agree 🙂

  4. So true! 🙂

    • ali

    • April 26, 2011

    • 6:33 pm

    *I* LOVE this!

    Perfect, perfect.

  5. AMEN!

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