I did it last year and I’m doing it again. My top seven reads of the year.

I read 33 books in 2010. Maybe that’s not a lot compared to some but it’s seven more than last year and good grief, I wrote two books and moved across the country. I took care of three children on the side and I make my own bread, (my one domestic talent.)

It was surprisingly easy to pick out my favorites for this year.


SAVVY by Ingrid Law

Sweet, spunky and original. I’m looking forward to reading the companion novel, SCUMBLE.


WHEN YOU REACH ME by Rebecca Stead.
Newbery Medal winner. This was actually a pretty complex plot, something to challenge kids and adults alike. I loved how she really dug deep in her concepts and made sense of things that make no sense, like time-travel.
When You Reach Me

A CURSE DARK AS GOLD by Elizabeth C. Bunce

A loose retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. Gorgeous and haunting. I’m a new fan of Ms. Bunce.

A Curse Dark as Gold

MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins.
It made me want to take anti-depressants but still I love this series. I will always love it.
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)

MATCHED by Allie Condie

Likely the most highly anticipated YA novel of 2010 and it did not disappoint, (well not me anyway.)

Matched (Matched #1)

FEED by M.T. Anderson.

I am not a fan of cussing and especially not the ever popular “f-word” so it is probably surprising to some that I like this book because it says the f-word in abundance and plenty other colorful words. But strangely, this book is one of my favorites and I almost appreciate those four-letter-words, for they are not written as a compliment to themselves. Feed is surprisingly literary and it is so deep and poignant to our society today. I think every teen, and even adults, should read this and consider what they sound like, what they act like, what they feel like.


And my #1 read for this year is:


And it is absolutely true and funny and sad and beautiful. I find it interesting that my favorite read of the year is a contemporary novel with no sci-fi or fantastical elements whatsoever.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Do me a favor and tell me at least one of your favorite reads this year that wasn’t on my list!

Happy New Year! Looking forward to an awesome 2011.


  1. Good choices! I love A Curse as Dark as Gold! I bought it when it first came out based on the title and the cover and am glad I did. Anyway, some of my favorites this year were Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, Dragonfly by Julia Golding, and The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan. Oh, and Leviathan/Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld was pretty amazing too. He’s a genius with worldbuilding.

  2. Jeni, I didn’t know Sarah Rees Brennan’s sequel was out! Thanks for the info!

    Liesl, I also loved, loved, loved MOCKINGJAY and WHEN YOU REACH ME, and I enjoyed SAVVY as well.

    I got MATCHED and ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS for Christmas, so I’m looking forward to those. (I decided to read ANNA first, and I’m about halfway through. The hubby picked up MATCHED and has been enjoying it muchly.)

    I echo Jeni’s praise for Scott Westerfeld’s latest series. Definitely worth a read. I also remember reading and enjoying Ally Carter’s HEIST SOCIETY.

    I’m sure there are more, but they aren’t coming to mind. I may have to drop in again later:)

    • Sita

    • December 29, 2010

    • 2:05 am

    I’ve got a few:

    THE LOVE GODDESS’ COOKING SCHOOL by Melissa Senate. I believe this would most likely get classified as Chick Lit, but it has some heavier themes to it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN by Kate Morton. This one has some dark themes and is beautifully heartbreaking. I love her prose, and I’m currently reading her latest book.

    DARK PARTIES by Sara Grant. This one won’t be out until August ’11, and I was lucky enough to get an e-galley of it on netgalley.com. Just finished it today and can’t stop thinking about it and wishing for more. Excellent YA dystopian.

    GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen. She effortlessly earned a spot on my keeper shelf with this book. Love the subtle magic and the relationship between the sisters. Her writing style is lovely.

  3. I also really liked BRUISER by Neal Shusterman. It reads like a contemporary, but with a fantastical twist. Does that make it magical realism?

    • Liesl

    • January 3, 2011

    • 11:04 pm

    These all sound awesome! I will be adding many to my list. Thanks everyone!

    Jeni- I read Leviathan right when it came out and I especially agree that his world building rocks.

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